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Accident Life Insurance

If you are looking for accident insurance (also known as accidental life insurance or life and accident insurance), we may be able to help. We get a lot of questions on the subject of accident life insurance; here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive on the issue:


What is accident life insurance?

Accident life insurance is like the name says – it offers specific protection – and generally more money to your beneficiaries – if you were to die in an accident. Accidents do happen, of course, and if they do (particularly if you work in a profession that puts you in more danger than working in a cubicle), you may want to be protected. Life and accident insurance will help take care of your beneficiaries financially if something were to happen to you.

What does getting an accidental life insurance entail?

The accidental life insurance policy works this way. When you get a life and accident insurance policy, you will not only have life insurance coverage, but if you were to perish in an accident, your beneficiaries may generally get several times the amount that you have been insured for. The exact percentage your beneficiaries would get could depend on the particulars of what was in your policy.

Where would an accidental life insurance policy help me? Not help me?

If you work as a forest logger, or a construction worker, to name two examples, you statistically would be much more likely to have a chance of perishing in an accident than if you were a pencil-pusher. Thus, spending the money for a life and accident policy might be worth the risk.

Is there an accident life insurance policy that covers accidents only?

Yes, you could buy an accident life insurance policy that may only cover deaths by accidents, and not deaths by natural causes. It may be less expensive than an accident and life insurance policy, but it would generally offer more limited coverage.

What about dismemberment? Is that covered?

Depending on the accidental life insurance policy purchased, it can be. Dismemberment covers results of accidents that result not in death, but in injury. This may include losing a limb, becoming paralyzed, or losing sight, hearing, and the ability to speak.

What if I just have a regular life insurance policy, and not life and accident insurance? Will I still be covered in the case of an accident?

Yes, you would generally be covered, even if you don’t have life and accident insurance. But what accidental life insurance offers is extra coverage to help out your beneficiaries if you were to have an accident. It may also provide coverage if you suffered a life-threatening accident, but one in which you survived.

How can I get quoted for accident life insurance?

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