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FAQs Regarding the Process of Buying Term Life Insurance

How long does it take to get a quote?
Generally, not long at all. In fact, we can help you find quotes for term life insurance in a quick fashion.


What choices do I have in regard to buying Term Life insurance?
Our goal has always been to help you find a wide variety of term life insurance policies that could meet the needs of a person at any stage of their life. To do so, we can generally help you find quotes for term life insurance policies in the following designations: 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and in some cases, even 30 years.

What happens if I want to convert my Term Life policy to permanent?
It is generally easy to do. We can help you find term life insurance policy options which may easily convert term life insurance to permanent life insurance.

Is there a benefit to converting from Term to Permanent?
Yes and it may be a simple but very important one: savings. When buying term life insurance, all policies may generally be sold on a fixed time frame. But whether possibly due to an increase in wealth or extended care required for certain dependents, many people want to lengthen the scope of their life insurance beyond the initial term. And that’s where buying term life insurance policy options that feature easy conversion may make good financial sense.

When selecting and buying term life insurance policy options, pay close attention to the difference between conversion and renewal. With conversion, you may generally retain your existing benefits as well as a highly competitive rate for life. But when buying term life insurance policy renewals, you are typically subject to substantially higher premiums due to the time-structure associated with the product.

What factors go into choosing the right policy?
When buying Term Life insurance policy options, there could be certain absolutes for most of us that are ever-present. Included in these expenses may be a mortgage, childcare and education. To select a policy that could be right for you, make a list of your dependents and how long you anticipate providing support. This could give you a clear idea of the best term for your current situation when buying term life insurance.

Is there a tax liability for those named in my policy?
Typically, there is not. When buying Term life insurance, you can be confident that all death benefits paid to beneficiaries may be free of income tax as long as your policy remains in force.

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