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Diabetes Life Insurance

Do you have Type-2 diabetes and are looking for a term life insurance policy?

Do you feel overwhelmed in your search for Type-2 diabetes life insurance? Unfortunately, since your body has trouble with insulin, you could be at high risk for getting tired easily, being thirsty all the time, and other, more severe complications as time goes on such as nerve damage, kidney problems, and other issues. You may know that some insurance companies may be cautious before underwriting diabetes life insurance for some candidates. We can help you find the insurance companies that can help provide you with affordable rates for your condition.


Why you may have a leg-up on Type-1 Diabetics…

Fortunately as a Type-2 Diabetic, chances are you could have been diagnosed at a later age than the typical Type-1 Diabetes sufferer. In terms of becoming insured, this generally gives you a leg up on your life insurance for diabetics search. Diabetes generally progresses very slowly. Therefore, it may be less risky for companies to provide diabetes life insurance to a Type-2 sufferer, who may die of other causes unrelated to this disease, than it is to someone who was diagnosed as a child. If you have Type-2 diabetes, but do not have any other types of health issues to speak of, you may even be able to be eligible for rates comparable to those who do not even have diabetes.

How to get affordable term life insurance rates as a diabetic…

Monitoring your disease could be key to getting affordable Type-2 diabetes life insurance rates. Keeping it under control may be your best asset.

Maintain your A1C levels between 6 and 8 and monitor your blood glucose levels so that they may remain in a healthy range (as determined by your physician).

This could generally increase your chances of getting a quality rate for your Type-2 diabetes life insurance. Make sure to keep detailed records of your blood test readings and visits to physicians, including endocrinologists. Eating the right diet, getting regular exercise, and taking the medications you need to could also potentially improve your chances to get good rates. Life insurance for diabetics at an affordable rate could be something you could potentially obtain if you can show you have the disease under control.

Take control of your condition!

By taking control of your disease and doing all that you can to improve your overall health, you may be able to find competitive rates.

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It is possible that by doing the right things, any Type 2 sufferer might be able to be insured with life insurance!

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