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Cancer Life Insurance

So you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Now what? One of your first steps may be finding an affordable cancer life insurance policy to help make sure your beneficiaries may have financial security if worse comes to worst. Here are the top 5 questions to ask yourself when searching for the best life insurance rate possible:


1. Do you have all your medical records together?

Insurances companies may need to know your whole medical history before knowing what kind of policies they can offer you. Therefore, you may want to make sure to have your pathology report, treatment records, and all tests related to your individual form of cancer together and organized in order to help prove to companies that you are a worthy candidate for cancer life insurance.

2. Have you been following your doctor’s treatment plan and recording all dates and forms of treatment?

Following your doctor’s treatment plan may be a great way to demonstrate your initiative to insurance companies. You should generally show that you are responsible and willing to take care of your disease. Knowing the dates of your treatment may be just as important because the last day of the very last treatment is usually when the waiting time begins for being able to find the best life insurance rates possible. Insurance companies may make you wait months or years after treatment has completed so that they are more comfortable that the cancer may be fully eradicated.

3. Have you compared quotes from several different companies?

Some insurance companies may be more willing than others to underwrite cancer life insurance. Much of this really depends on the form of cancer, what the stage and grade was while you had it, and what treatment options you chose. To help you better navigate the options of different companies, it may be smart to contact a cancer life insurance specialist who knows what different companies look for when underwriting new clients.

4. Have you considered group plans?

Sometimes if your individual cancer life insurance search does not yield affordable results, looking for a policy through your employer may be your next best option.

5. Have you considered a “graded” policy?

Graded policies could be ideal for those still undergoing treatment. At the beginning, your premium can stay low. As a result, however, companies may not pay out the full death benefits for a certain number of years. As time goes on, and your premium increases, eventually your full death benefits may be issued.

If you have answered all these questions to the best of your ability and would like to start your search today, please fill out this simple form for a quote. The no obligation quote you will receive may be your first step towards finding an affordable life insurance policy!

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