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Smoker Life Insurance

Are you a smoker and thinking about purchasing life insurance? It is a big step and requires a lot of thinking and commitment to find not only a policy that fits your needs but also a company that will cover you in an affordable manner. There are many different things that may complicate your chances of being approved for life insurance, and finding affordable life insurance for smokers may be even more frustrating. There are some steps that you can take to help find some of the best smokers life insurance to cover you that may not cut too much into your wallet.


Don’t be afraid to take a look around

Research different policies that are available to you, then you may not have to worry as much. Insurance companies treat people with different answers to the medical and smoking questions differently and each company may offer different policies to smokers. If you get quotes from multiple insurance companies, you may have more of an array of policies to choose from. They are working for you to find you the best coverage, so don’t be afraid to approach them frankly, after all it’s a big commitment. As long as you know what to look for, you may be able to find the right affordable life insurance for smokers policy.

You can’t hide the truth

You might try to hide the fact that you are a smoker but it will generally work against you. Yes, it’s true that smoker life insurance policies generally come with higher premiums, but being truthful upfront may work in your favor more than if the company finds out on their own through their background checks. They can work with you and suggest different policies or options that may either lower your premium or offer you different coverage. Of course, it typically matters how much you actually smoke. Insurance companies generally consider there to be a difference between a social smoker and a heavy smoker; letting them know how much you actually smoke may usually be a good strategy to get lower rates.

Keep at it

Since this is a big commitment and step, it can be frustrating to find affordable life insurance for smokers but through research on your part, it may be done. Don’t settle either when you have a policy, you need to keep your research up and your eyes and ears open for when your policy coverage is up, whether or not you should renew your current policy or look for a different company.

There is always the option of quitting smoking

It is something you hear constantly and maybe you’ve even tried. It is an option you may want to keep in mind because some insurance companies actually offer different plans if you quit while you are covered. (Not to mention, it’s better for your health, but that is a different story.) Not only will you be saving money on buying the cartons of cigarettes but also you may generally be able to decrease your smoker’s life insurance premiums.

So get started with the first step

We understand the issues and frustrations that may come with finding affordable life insurance for smokers. For some help finding some of the most affordable rates out there, request a no-obligation quote here and find out what options may be available to you!

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