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Breaking Down Burial Life Insurance


What is burial life insurance?

Burial life insurance, also known as final expense life insurance, can help cover you for the day that your beneficiaries and loved ones celebrate your life. You may not want to think the unthinkable and add up how much your funeral could cost; however, it may often be a pricey endeavor and one which your beneficiaries may not be able to afford. Those who matter most to you may want the best for you in terms of your burial, funeral arrangements and casket (or other means of burial/cremation).


Burial life insurance is a type of guaranteed life insurance. A burial life insurance policy may cover expenses from $3,000 to $15,000 related to your funeral. In many cases, Social Security benefits may only cover $225 worth of a funeral and your last hurrah may put those who would like to give you a proper burial in debt.

Burial life insurance may also cover you if your health is in poor standing. In fact, it is a type of no medical exam life insurance ; no health questions may generally be asked of you to be approved for a policy. If you’re between 50 and 75 and think your beneficiaries want to say goodbye to you in a proper fashion and can’t afford to, final expense life insurance could be right for you.

Also, you may borrow against your burial life insurance in case other expenses have to be paid off prior to your passing. In other words, burial life insurance may usually be used as a form of cash value life insurance.

Burial life insurance may also be very affordable for you. Monthly rates generally do vary based on the policy holder’s age and coverage amount; however, there could be policies for just about everyone. Gerber Life Insurance offers a guaranteed life insurance policy in which rates may be as low as $15 a month! See our article “Guaranteed Life Insurance vs. Term Life Insurance for Seniors” for more information.

Purchasing final expense insurance isn’t a morbid act. It is a proactive decision to help enable the people you care about to celebrate your life. If you are interested in potentially purchasing a policy, you can fill out a short and simple form for a free, no-obligation quote .