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How Blood Pressure Medication Can Affect Your Life Insurance Rating


There are many people who don’t realize that many life insurance companies may not allow you to qualify for their best rating for life insurance with high blood pressure if you are taking blood pressure or hypertension medication. Some others may prefer that your blood pressure has been under control for one year or more.


So as an applicant doing an online quote request form, you may want to know what to expect. Without knowing about life insurance with high blood pressure and how it affects term life insurance quotes, you might possibly call up the wrong life insurance company and submit an application.

In fact, there might only be a few companies that could be a good choice for individuals whose high blood pressure has only been well under control for at least one year. According to each company’s underwriting rules, the conditions for their best ratings with regards to blood pressure will be considered according to different factors which will be made available if an individual is interested.

So it is generally smart to say that if people apply to particular companies, they may not qualify for their best per year rate if their blood pressure has not been under control for the past 2 years. Other life insurance companies don’t allow treatment of blood pressure, so this individual would not generally get their best rate per year premium.

Whole Life or Term Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure Medication

The various ratings do not apply to only a guaranteed term life insurance policy or even strictly to a whole life insurance policy. Underwriting is similar in both cases, even though there are times that companies will allow a little more freedom when approving a higher premium, whole life policy.

As always, when you’re dealing with obtaining life insurance with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or any other medical issues, get quotes or talk to someone who is licensed. For more information, consult our article “High Risk Life Insurance.”

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