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Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers


No matter if an applicant for life insurance for cigar smokers is an occasional cigar smoker or a two pack a day cigarette smoker, most life insurance companies may generally rate them the same. It is important that people are aware of this fact so that they may know where to look for life insurance for cigar smokers. As a cigar smoker, you would generally not want to be placed into the same category as a person who smokes cigarettes daily. These individuals are rated as tobacco users and could generally pay up to three times more than a non-tobacco user will pay.


If you quit and may want an occasional cigar…

Some companies offer a Preferred Plus Non-Tobacco rating for those individuals who have had no tobacco or nicotine in the past three years. However, there could be a clause that states the applicant may be allowed one cigar each month as long as their urine tests negative for nicotine. To find out more about life insurance for smokers, visit our smoker life insurance page.

Don’t want to give up cigar smoking? You may be able to find affordable life insurance anyway.

There are providers that are willing to make some decent offers for cigar smokers life insurance. Other companies may offer a Preferred Non Tobacco rate for those who have had no use of tobacco for a full three years. With this rating and under specific guidelines, underwriting will take into consideration, the occasional cigar smoker (generally meaning one cigar a week). This may be considered an excellent offer in comparison to other providers. This offer may very well be an occasional cigar smokers life insurance answer.

Other companies may offer a Non Smoker Plus rating which could allow an applicant to smoke as many cigars as he or she prefers. In addition, this applicant may have a positive result for nicotine on their urinalysis. Individuals who are looking to obtain the best life insurance for cigar smokers may want to seek assistance from an experienced life insurance agent or get quoted for a number of different policies. Find out how you can save money by quitting smoking in our article “Finding the Best Non Tobacco Life Insurance Rates after Quitting.”

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