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Life Insurance Info for Skin Cancer Patients


If you are currently diagnosed with skin cancer, you may be daunted with the idea of buying life insurance. Although cancer typically has a grim diagnosis, it is important to realize that finding cancer life insurance could be possible. In order to understand the best route to take when searching for life insurance as a skin cancer patient, you must first understand the implications that each type of skin cancer has on quotes for cancer life insurance. For general information on getting approved for life insurance with cancer, visit this page.


Basal Cell Carcinoma

The first type of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma is one of the most curable forms of skin cancer. If it does happen to penetrate your bones, it will not end up spreading throughout your body. Since there is typically no metastasis with this form, if you suffer from basal cell carcinoma, you may be able to qualify for a preferred rate. Its slow-growing nature also positively affects your chances of finding very quality cancer life insurance rates.

Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

If you suffer from the second form, squamous cell, you are in almost the same boat as when it comes to insuring those with basal cell carcinoma. However, since squamous cell has the potential to spread throughout your body, being diagnosed with it can mean more expensive quotes for cancer life insurance. If your squamous cell skin cancer is contained and detected early, you too could potentially qualify for preferred life insurance rates.


The final form of skin cancer, melanoma, unfortunately poses the biggest problems when trying to become insured because it is also the deadliest form of skin cancer. If it is caught early and only surgery is needed for treatment, you could start qualifying for quality rates within two years of treatment. On the other hand, if your melanoma skin cancer required radiation or chemotherapy, it could take upwards of 10 years before you may be able to receive quality cancer life insurance rates.

Getting a Quote Today

When applying for life insurance with any forms of skin cancer, you may want to contact an insurance broker who understands the condition and has knowledge finding the best possible rates possible. Make sure to always know the stage and grade, or severity, of your condition when applying for different quotes.

If you are ready to make the important step towards insuring yourself today, please fill out the simple form to receive free, no-obligation quotes!