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No Medical Exam Life Insurance: Why It May Not Be Worth It


Do I have to have medical exam life insurance?

You may want to consider that premiums could be higher if you opt to purchase no medical exam life insurance. Many companies do not even offer such policies for term life insurance; so if you fear the medical exam, you may not qualify for any policies. Instead of freaking out about what a physician might find in your medical history, be calm and take the exam just to see how much you’d pay in premiums. Oftentimes, your health records may not be as bad as you think they are. Who knows? No medical exam life insurance could even overcharge you in accordance with your current state of health.


What do life insurance medical exams usually entail?

Life insurance medical exams are generally like any other routine check-up with your doctor. In fact, insurance companies usually need very basic medical information to determine your monthly rate. As in any physical exam, the doctor will take blood and urine samples, ask you about family medical history and any current or past illnesses/diseases. It will usually be just like any other doctor’s visit—it may take about 15 to 30 minutes. The physician will probably take height and weight measurements and will check your blood pressure as well. It will be important to know answers to questions about personal and family medical history, including what doctors you visited and why you visited them. To find out more, visit our article “Finding Life Insurance with no Medical Exam.

How should people prepare for life insurance medical exams?

When booking life insurance medical exams, you should try to lower your stress levels as much as possible. You should treat it just as any other routine physical exam. You should try to remain calm and try to follow healthy practices. A physician will usually take a blood pressure reading so it is best to limit stress about the test and get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Don’t avoid a term life insurance policy just because of the medical exam! There are many reasons why a life insurance policy could be right for you. A routine physical may not be something to fear; it is something to prepare for by making healthy lifestyle choices. Even if you don’t exercise or eat particularly well, avoiding a medical exam may end up costing you more than opting for a policy that requires one!

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