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Over 50 Life Insurance and The Empty Nest


For many people, when their children move out, they may question the need for life insurance over 50. Why should I have over 50 life insurance? These questions are important considerations and may be looked at in light of several options before you attempt to change or end your policy. A good place to start is to look at over 50 life insurance. To visit another informational page on over 50 life insurance, click here: over 50 life insurance.


The world has changed and continues to change. People live longer and many households now have two incomes. People retire later, as evidenced in the report on PR News Wire “Life Insurance Considerations for Empty Nesters” and in addition, many people with empty nest households may still have large financial obligations even after they retire. In fact, they may not be prepared to handle the death of a spouse in many cases. There may also be inferred that people are generally working longer instead of saving more.

As more people plan on working in retirement to help cover expenses, their insurance policies for whole and term life insurance over 50 have also changed. For example, a study by Matthew Greenwald & Associates, Inc and the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that the percentage of workers who plan on working in retirement increased to 74% and that workers with less than $100,000 in savings were worried about meeting their financial needs after retirement. Policies like term life insurance may then be considered important options for empty nesters. Find out more benefits of term life insurance in our article Advantages of Term Life Insurance”.

While life insurance helps protect the financial security of your beneficiaries, you will generally still want to pass on your estate to your beneficiaries intact. You may find that there could be many options for life insurance over 50. If you find that your current financial dependents may not need your help in the long run, you may want to reevaluate your needs.

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