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The Different Types of Whole Life Insurance


There are many kinds of whole insurance. Permanent life insurance, also known as whole life insurance, can vary depending on a variety of factors. Life insurance companies may offer a vast array of options, but the principal six forms generally include: Non-Participating, Participating, Economic, Indeterminate Premium,  Single Premium, Limited Pay,and Interest Sensitive. To find out more about different types of life insurance, visit this page: types of life insurance.


Each of these types of whole life insurance generally has distinct characteristics, but generally speaking, all whole life insurance policies typically have the same stipulation that owners will cover the insurance premiums for the full life of the policy. In some situations, the policy may be paid for upfront and hence there are no extra payments. In fact, many companies may guarantee that the policy’s cash value could continue to increase regardless of what may happen to the company or the insurance market. Also, cash values may be great as liquid investment funds, but this can generally only be an option if the policyholder can afford to make consistent premium payments.

Unlike term, whole life insurance policies may give policyholders something other than death benefit coverage. There could be a cash value to the policy. Generally higher than term life insurance premiums, whole life insurance may offer not just a cash value but a death benefit, thus helping to guarantee you gain some peace of mind. To learn out more about death benefits and life insurance, visit our article Death Benefit Life Insurance Payouts”.

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