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Getting Term Life Insurance for Type-1 Diabetics


If you find that trying to find diabetes life insurance for your Type-1 diabetes is a draining task, you are probably not alone.

Due to the complexities of Type-1 diabetes, it may be extremely difficult to find the best life insurance rate out there. However, after understanding insurance underwriting for a Type-1 sufferer, you may see that there is hope after all when trying to obtain diabetes life insurance.


Your type of diabetes is considered insulin-dependent. Therefore, you are generally more likely to need more chronic care for your condition than a typical Type-2 sufferer might need. For more information for Type-2 Diabetics, visit “Tips for Getting the Best Term Life Insurance Rate as a Type-2 Diabetic.

A Type-1 prognosis usually entails the use of a daily insulin pump, or a similar device to ensure proper insulin levels are maintained in the body. Such a practice is often considered a greater liability to insure than for someone who only needs to take daily prescription pills to maintain their disease.

Typically, type-1 sufferers are diagnosed at younger age than the typical Type-2 diabetic.

As such, Type-1 is usually considered juvenile diabetes. It is generally believed that since your body has been fighting the disease for a much longer time, you are more likely to die of complications resulting from diabetes than any other disease or cause. Since underwriting of diabetes life insurance is usually based on the estimation of how much longer one will live, this assumption may give a grim prognosis to those wishing to insure their Type-1 diabetes. However, with today’s improved technologies and medical breakthroughs, type-1 sufferers are generally living longer than ever before, which has resulted in many of them receiving some of the best life insurance rates to date.

Fortunately, there may be ways to beat the odds and get quality rates for your diabetes life insurance.

If you currently have no record of diabetic coma, insulin shock, or amputation, you are already in great shape. Next, if your diabetes has not resulted in any other complications to date, this may boost your chances of receiving preferential rates. Additionally, if you are a non-smoker and are maintaining a healthy weight, you may have greater odds of finding the best diabetes life insurance for you.

Keep documentation of your doctor visits.

On top of all of this, it could be equally as important to visit your physician frequently and follow all of his or her instructions. Life insurance for diabetics may be obtained with proper documentation of one’s visits to specialists, test results, and prescription use. Insurance companies often ask for these records to help make sure that you understand the severity of your condition and the need to keep it under control. If you are maintaining your A1C levels and blood glucose, then there could be few reasons for insurance companies to deny you coverage.

As long as you follow all of these guidelines and work with an insurance agent that understands diabetes patients, you may be on your way to finding diabetes term life insurance. If you are looking for a free no obligation quote to jump start your search, please fill out the simple form.