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Finding Affordable Rates for Term Life Insurance for Smokers


For anyone that has been shopping for affordable low cost term life insurance for smokers, it is likely that the premiums for these shoppers may be up to two to three times the amount of what a person who doesn’t smoke might pay. These premiums may be higher no matter if the individual smokes cigarettes, cigars or pipes. For more information on obtaining good life insurance rates for cigar smokers, visit our article “Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers.” Some cigar smokers may be approved for non-smoker rates.


A good strategy for smokers may be to obtain a policy for the minimum amount needed for them. Try to stop smoking for an entire year and then apply for a policy with non-tobacco rates. The premium on the new policy could be up to 50% less than the term life insurance for smokers’ policy that was obtained while smoking.

Some carriers may offer non-tobacco ratings for those individuals who are occasional tobacco users, which generally means that their urinalysis will test negative for nicotine. For these occasional users, there are some carriers that offer special ratings and allow for a specific amount of nicotine consumption.

Prudential may be the better choice for life insurance for those that are cigar or pipe smokers. They allow unlimited cigar and pipe smoking as well as chewing tobacco. Although Prudential’s non tobacco ratings may be higher than most carriers, they may still be cheaper than the normal tobacco ratings. It’s important to note here that Prudential’s non-tobacco rating for these tobacco users is usually more expensive than other carriers’ preferred non-tobacco ratings. But it may still be less expensive than paying “tobacco rates”!

For individuals who are cigarette, cigar, pipe smoker, or tobacco chewers, it is generally advisable to shop around for the best price available for term life insurance for smokers. Visit our smokers life insurance page for more information.

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