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Finding Life Insurance as a Breast Cancer Patient


Getting approved for life insurance as a cancer patient may be a frustrating yet possible task. Surely as a breast cancer patient, you may be wondering what course of action could be necessary in order to attain the best life insurance rate. The following information might not only give you the knowledge you need to find breast cancer life insurance; it can give you the stepping stone to start your search today. To find out more about cancer life insurance, visit this page.


The Basics

After skin cancer (To see more about qualifying for cancer life insurance with skin cancer, visit our article “Life Insurance Info for Skin Cancer Patients”), breast cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting women today; approximately 1 in 8 women develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. Men can also develop the disease, yet currently only account for about 1% of new cases. One of the most important factors in determining your breast cancer life insurance rate may be whether your diagnosis is noninvasive or invasive. Noninvasive typically means that the cancer has not spread from its original starting place in the milk ducts or the tubes that carry milk from the breast tissue towards the nipple. Invasive implies the opposite, and means that the cancer has spread to other tissues throughout the breast or body.

Qualifying for Breast Cancer Life Insurance

In addition to an invasive or noninvasive breast cancer diagnosis, your life insurance rate could also depend on the stage and grade of your tumors. You might be able to qualify for some of the best life insurance rates if your breast cancer is noninvasive and is at a low stage and grade. On the other hand, if your diagnosis is Stage 2 or 3 breast cancer, and has started to spread, then your breast cancer life insurance policy may generally become more expensive. If you do suffer from a higher stage, it may be smart to wait until after your treatment has been completed. Life insurance for cancer survivors is something many companies are starting to provide. As long as a specified amount of time has passed (usually 3-12 years for Stage 3 breast cancer patients depending on the severity of the cancer) and there has been no reoccurrence, you may be able to qualify for affordable rates.

What to Know about Your Situation

On the bright side, there is some hope when trying to obtain breast cancer life insurance. You should generally want to contact a cancer insurance specialist and to know the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the stage and grade of your tumor?
  • Has there been metastasis to lymph nodes or other parts of the body?
  • What type of treatment is/was necessary to battle the disease?
  • What are the results of follow-up examinations?

Starting your Search

If you are ready to start your search today, please fill out this simple form. The no-obligation quote that we will help you find can be your first step towards getting a policy!