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Tips for Getting the Best Term Life Insurance Rate as a Type-2 Diabetic


If you suffer from Type-2 diabetes, you may be wondering how to show insurance companies that you could be a worthy candidate to receive the best life insurance rate possible. In order to convince these companies, it is generally important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately for Type-2 sufferers such as yourself, if you are treating Type-2 diabetes to the best of your ability, you may be able to obtain similar rates to those who do not suffer from the disease! If you have Type-1 Diabetes, visit our article “Getting Term Life Insurance for Type-1 Diabetics.


Here are some things to remember when trying to get the best life insurance rate:

  • Since you are not insulin-dependent, you generally have an advantage over Type-1 sufferers in trying to receive quality term life insurance rates.
    • However, REMEMBER to keep a watchful eye on both your A1C and blood glucose levels. The best rates may be given to those whom are able to maintain an A1C count between 6 and 8 (or lower). If you allow your level to go above this, you are usually at risk for more expensive rates because companies will think you are not treating Type-2 diabetes well.
  • Visit your doctors, physicians, and specialists on a regular basis.
    • This is an integral part of treating Type-2 diabetes. Keep records of these visits to prove to insurance companies that you should get the best life insurance rate offered. Get all the necessary tests and consult with your doctor about what a healthy blood sugar range would be for your individual situation. You should also generally take all medications as prescribed by these professionals.
  • Eat a balanced diet, exercise, and DO NOT smoke.
    • You do not want any other factors affecting your life insurance rate. If you are overweight or a smoker, it could be that much harder to achieve the best life insurance rate possible as a diabetic.
  • Work with an insurance agent who understands your situation and DO NOT give up looking for the best term life insurance rate available.
    • Make sure your insurance agent is willing to evaluate and analyze your situation properly. Working with agents specializing in diabetes cases could give you some peace of mind throughout this process.

If you follow all of these steps you may certainly be on your way to a great term life insurance rate in no time.

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